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[RECAP] New Jack Kings on F.O.K.U.S. Radio (9.19.10)

New Jack Kings on F.O.K.U.S. Radio 9-19-10

The New Jack Kings are a side project of two F.O.K.U.S. Radio alums, Vaughan T and T Calmese (formerly known as iLLiTe). Back in September, the duo paid us a visit on the night of their album release.

Before heading over to Goodnight Gracie’s, Vaughan and T Calmese gave us some backstory on the project:

If you haven’t heard the album yet, you can download it for free at their bandcamp page. There’s some ridiculous production on here and it’s an ill concept too. Here’s a couple of my favorites:

Full Audio for Download/Streaming:

New Jack Kings on F.O.K.U.S. Radio with Teddy Ruck-Spin [9.19.10] by fokusradio-teddyruckspin

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Teddy Ruck-Spin & Miss Lady Soul: GREEN LIGHT

GREEN LIGHT flier 12.4

Over the years, Miss Lady Soul and I have thrown some sick house parties. As time went on, we thought why not take it to a bigger stage? And what better place to do this than Sava’s, one of Ann Arbor’s finest restaurants and the host of F.O.K.U.S.’ 1992 themed party earlier this year.

We’ll be celebrating the first edition of GREEN LIGHT with a birthday tribute mix to Jay-Z, drink specials, and only the best in club music until 2 am.

Saturday December 4th @ 11pm | More info on Facebook

Von Pea on F.O.K.U.S. Radio 11.7.10 [AUDIO]

Von Pea on F.O.K.U.S. Radio

This past Sunday we spoke with Von Pea over the phone. I’ve been a fan of Von’s music for a while, so it was cool to hear him talk about his early recordings as well as the thought process behind his DOPE new album Pea’s Gotta Have It. We touched on topics like De La Soul, Questlove, representing Brooklyn in his music, okayplayer, the LA music scene, & more. Background beats from Kanye West & The Stuyvesants.

Check out Von’s new album here and our interview below!

Von Pea Phone Interview on F.O.K.U.S. Radio with Teddy Ruck-Spin by fokusradio_teddyruckspin