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“For The City” featuring J.A.M.E.S. WATTS & Suai

The second single from Treats Volume 1. Enjoy.

Culture Of Creativity’s First Anniversary Party [12.21.10]


This is super late, but back in December I headed out to NY to spin at Culture of Creativity’s First Anniversary Party. Along with my man DJ OOO Child, we provided the sounds for C8’s celebration at Gallery Bar.

This was a real special event. C8 showcased their work and announced their upcoming project, a book that will compile all of their portraits and interviews from their Creative Faces campaign. It was a great turn out, and I got the chance to catch up with friends + family from U of M, RU, F.O.K.U.S., etc. Only in NY!

Salute to the Creatives for some truly inspiring work.

Check out these pics [swiped from Suhaly's facebook haha] and check out CJ Something, Surax and the rest of C8 HERE