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The Sleepy Beats Collection [Inspiration]

The Sleepy Beats Collection | June 4th on

Sleep. [June 4th 2013]


After a year or so of experimenting with production, I’ve got a collection of sleepy beats. The full tape will be dropping on June 4th!

Miss Lady Soul B-Day Celebration

The first thing Miss Lady Soul ever said to me was “we will give you a platform to DJ.”

Since that day, Alma has held me down 110%. From FOKUS Radio to Green Light and everything in between. I can’t say enough. So when it came time to celebrate her birthday this past March, I made my way down to Harlem to party with the extended fam & FOKUS Cru. Great times were had.

Detroit Vs. Everybody by Tommey Walker

FOKUS co-founder Atiba on the decks

Next time you see Alma, show her some love!!! Peace!


P.S. listen close to In The Rain and you might just hear a cameo!